Active Research
The research conducted by the faculty and students in the electrical engineering department cover a wide range of problems from power systems to optical communication networks. More than 40 active research projects are being pursued in the department which are sponsored by the university research funds, industry, and government agencies. These projects fall into one of the technical areas listed below.


Radar system analysis and design, Mobile communication systems, Communication networks, Modeling of nonlinear microwave devices, Optical communication switches, Electromagnetic radiowave propagation and scattering, Image processing.


Analog integrated circuit design, Modeling of semiconductor devices, Integrated optics,   Superconductor Devices & Circuit, Data acquisition and controller boards, Digital computer interfaces.


Power distribution networks, Transient states in power systems, Reactive power control, Optimization of electric machines.


Estimation theory, Dynamic system identification, Navigation, Robust control, Adaptive and model predictive control, Intelligent control and soft computing (neural networks and fuzzy systems, evolutionary algorithms, etc.), Large-scale systems.

Biomedical Engineering:

Modeling of cardio-vascular systems, Biological signal and image processing, Radiation exposure effects.