Here we have some good URLs that you may need in future or you are looking for them. If you know good URLs which are related to electrical engineering or even computer science please let us know that URL. We will add your URL to this page. All of the links available in this page are certified. Please inform us if you have any problem with them.

Thank you .

  1. IEEE Related URLs. (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
  2. IEE (The Institute of Electrical Engineers)
  3. Intel Corporation :
  1. The MathWorks ,Inc.
  • Email :
  • MathWorks is the MatLab provider. You can find first hand information about MatLab and its toolboxes from this site and you can even download some of the toolboxes.
  1. National Instruments
  1. OrCad
  1. Sun Microsystems
  1. Tech Online
  1. Universities
  2. Wolfram Research ,Inc.
  1. Wolfram Research Europe Ltd.
  1. Wolfram Research Asia Ltd.
  1. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
  • You can find wealth of information about web standards and HTML from http://www3c.orgw.
  1. The Integrator
  2. VerticalNet