Electrical Engineering Department Celebrates 50-Year Anniversary

Chair's Welcome:
Welcome to the prestigious Department of Electrical Engineering at Sharif University of Technology which was founded in 1967 with over forty five years of age. In this brief message, I wish to convey to you a sense of our department's mission, its vitality and diversity, and the dedication of the faculties, staffs and students in carrying out our educational and research missions.

As the head of EE department, I am extremely fortunate to work with such a wonderful group of individuals who have common goals and commitments to improve teaching and research activities, to cut through the frontiers of electrical engineering knowledge to benefit the Iranian society and mankind at large.

Our department is known for its exceptional faculties and excellent student body world widely. First year admissions and enrollments of students to our department is through a highly competitive nationwide university entrance exam taken by over a million high school graduates every year known as KONKOOR. We are very proud to announce that EE department at Sharif university of Technology has consistently been among the first choice of many thousands aspiring and dedicated young men and women. And we are extremely proud to announce that, due to our excellent faculty members in education and research, only the top one hundredth of one percent of examinees, which amounts to the top 100-120 highest scored students in KONKOOR, get the honor to be admitted and enrolled to our department. Furthermore our department is the final destination for over ninety five percent of some of our brightest young scientific minds who have competed in international Olympiads in mathematics, physics, computer science and etc. each year. So, we are very proud of our student body that has continued on the path of their predecessors in achieving recognition in national and international competitions. We have about 1000 undergraduate students and 550 graduate students currently enrolled.

Presently, the department is comprised of 63 faculty and 40 support staff. We strive to be at the forefront of research and to educate our students in the fundamentals as well as emerging technologies and their applications. Many of our faculty have won prestigious teaching and research awards and are at the cutting edge research activities related to electrical engineering and have worldwide recognition.

The leading edge-research activities of our department contribute to the high quality and the reputation of our undergraduate and graduate programs, and enhances the success of our graduates at all levels (B.Sc., M.sc., Ph.D.). The department covers a broad range of disciplines related to power (electrical energy system) engineering, electronics, communications, control and biomedical engineering. The department is considered to be the largest departments of its kind in the nation in terms of number of faculties and undergraduate/graduate degrees awarded.

Due to our excellent and broad range of research laboratories and activities our department boasts in having three national centers of excellence one in communications sciences, one in power system control and management and another in information security and cryptography. You will find detailed information about our centers of excellence in the center of excellence section of our research laboratories and web pages with detailed information on current research projects taking place in these centers.

Further information regarding our divisions, research programs and educational programs can be found on other pages of the web site. I encourage you to explore further to learn about the many achievements of the department, its members, and its accomplishments.

If you are a current student, we hope our web page will keep you informed concerning current activities, course work, and other information. If you are one of our alumni, welcome home! We are glad to have you back. Browse through and discover what remarkable progress we continue to make in all areas of the department. Visit your department. You may find familiar names, faces and places.

We are also very appreciative of the generous support of our alumni and friends. We welcome our alumni and friends to visit the department and tour our teaching and research facilities. Please feel free to call me at +98 21 66165901 or email me at vakilian@sharif.edu if you have any questions or if you want to stop by for a visit.

Thank you for visiting

Mehdi Vakilian, Professor and Chair