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 Power System Analysis

   Sharif University Of Technology

       Dr. Seyed Hamid Hosseini

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Problem Solving classes will be hold on Sundays at 12-13.30  at 201 Jadid(New Building)

                                  Power System Analysis 1(25-311)

Course Director: Dr. Seyed Hamid Hosseini


TA Abbas Rabiee



 Power System Dynamics and Control Lab.

(Floor 3- Bargh Jadid)



Practice Class


 201(Jadid) Sunday 12-13.30

Course Prerequisite


Electric Machines 1 (25-061)



An overview of generation, transmission, distribution and consumption systems of electric energy. Introduction to economical, managerial and technical aspects. Modeling and methods of analyzing  electrical energy systems.



Introduction to Power Systems and its Structure
Power Systems Modeling and Analyzing Methods
Line Parameters and its Effects
Transmission Lines Model and its SS. Operation