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  • ثبت «جستجوگر فرکانسی سریع با استفاده از آشکارساز فرکانسی» در «سازمان ثبت اسناد و املاک کشور» (مشترک با زینب وحیدپور، کیوان فرورقی و زهرا اطلس باف)،1391
  • F.Behbahani, A.Fotowat-Ahmady, S.Navid, “Method and apparatus for self-calibration and testing of QPSK Transmitter/receiver IC's”, 5,995,541, USA.
  • A.Tabatabayi, A.Fotowat-Ahmady, S.Navid, “High-speed/high-slew-rate tri-modal all bipolar buffer/switch and method thereof”, 5,892,376, USA.
  • F.Behbahani, A.Fotowat-Ahmady, S.Navid, “Quadrature signal generator with spike-less prescalar circuit”, 5,808,499, USA.
  • A.Fotowat-Ahmady, M.Ali Ahmad, S.Navid, “Dynamic range extension of a log amplifier with temperature and process compensation”, 5,790,943, USA.
  • F.Behbahani, A.Fotowat-Ahmady, S.Navid, “Comparator with smooth start-up for high frequencies”, 5,606,272, USA.
  • C.Perspective, S.Navid, A.Fotowat-Ahmady, “IF amplifier/limiter with positive feedback”, 5,596,299, USA.
  • A.Fotowat-Ahmady, S.Navid, “Low voltage, simplified and temperature compensated logarithmic detector”, 5,338,985, USA.
  • A.Fotowat-Ahmady, S.Navid, “Temperature-Compensated logarithmic detector having a wide dynamic range”, 5,296,761, USA.
  • K.shakeri, A.Mehrnia, A.Eftekhar, M.Nasiri, A.Fotowat-Ahmady, “Efficient Epoch processing in multichannel global positioning system (GPS) receiver”, 7,173,957 B2, USA.
  • A.Parsa, A.Fotowat-Ahmady, A.Faghfouri, M.Jenabi, E.S.Han, “Quadrature modulator and calibration method”, 7,548,591, USA.
  • S.Navid, A.Fotowat-Ahmady, F.Behbahani, “Low voltage temperature and VCC compensated RF mixer”, 6,138,000, USA.

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