Analog Circuits (EE 25721)                                                       

About This Course

You will learn how to design and analyze basic analog circuits. In this course, you will learn the concept of biasing, frequency response, basic amplifiers with BJT and MOS devices as well as OpAmp circuits. The course includes concurrent lab sessions every week.


Important Notes To Remember:

There will be random Quiz during the tutorial classes which will affect the mark you obtain from the HWs.


Students needs to sign up for the tutorial classes that they would like to attend. Please see Mrs. Hamzeih in the Amuzesh for registrations.


Important Dates To Remember:

Lab Orientation: The week of 8th of Esfand

Lab First Session: TBA Esfand

Mid-term 1 (Chapter1, 2 and Ideal Opamp and  its application): Thursday 20th of Esfand. 9:00am Talar 4,5,6

Mid-term 2: Thursday 16th of Ordibehesht. 2:00pm at Talar 4,5,6

Final: 25th of Khordad afternoon

Tentative Marking Scheme:

MAX{ [0.3M+0.2L+0.5F], [0.3M+0.2L+0.5F+H(F-10)(20-F)/375] }

M: Midterm, L: Lab, F: Final, H: Homework


Discussion And Problem Solving Class Schedule:
                               Teaching Assistant               Class No.                    Time
There are 8 tutorial classes in which you can see the solution of the HWs. Please go to the Amuzesh office (Mrs. Hamzei) and register for your desired class.