Analog Circuits (EE 25721)

Homework Cover Page: Coverpage.doc

Fonts for Homework delivery: fonts

Drop off location: Analog Circuit Lab (make sure you choose the right slot!)


Note the following instructions for HW delivery:


0. Misconduct in any of the following instructions results in no mark for your HW.


1. There are (*) and (**) problems in each problem set, none of which is mandatory for delivery. The (**) problem are a bit more difficult and is beyond the coverage of the course. However, interested student are encouraged to consider them as extra exercise. There is an exception for Homework #3 on that part.


2. In each HW set, the mandatory problems for delivery is specified besides the HW number.


3. You need to drop the solution to each set to the respective slot of the drop box.


4. The drop box is located at the Undergrad Students Project Lab at the first floor of the new building.


Home works:


Homework #1: HW1_88_S (Problem No. 2, 3, 4, 9)

Homework #2 part 1: HW2_88_S (Problem No. 2(D,H), 4. D, 6, 7) Due: 88/12/19

Homework #2 part 2: (Problem No. 9, 11, 14) Due: First working day after Eid Nowrooz

Homework #3: HW2_88_S (Problem No. 1 (A,D), 2(D), 3(V,T,Ein), 4(A, H), 5, 6) Note that the star problems are due. Due: 89/2/2

Homework #4: HW4_88_S (Due: 89/2/25)

Homework #5: HW5_88_S (Due:89/3/5)


Home works Solutions:

Homework #3: Part #1

Homework #4: Part #1