Main Goals:

  • Research and development on the state of the art, challenges in management & control of electricity generation, its transmission & distribution in a classical power system or a restructure power system. Facilitating collaboration of talented researchers in universities and industries of Iran and foreign countries in these areas.


  • Providing technical and advisory services to public and private organizations whose work is in the area of operation, planning, design and management of electric power systems.


  •  Encouragement and support of young researchers and activation and initiation of research sectors in the related industries through identifying the requirements in national power systems and to synchronize its position with international development in this industry.


Explanation and necessities of programs: 2006

  • The present capacity of electric power stations in Iranian national power grid is about 40 GW.

          This does not include the public and private power stations which are not synchronized with the national network. The forecasted growth for this industry during the next five years is 7 to 10 percent per year. Regarding the transmission and distribution equipments, the investment cost is estimated to be about 60 billion dollars (based on the international pricing at the end of the scheduled five years period). In addition, the operation cost (with a load factor of  2/3 ) would amount to 40 billion dollars, based on the international prices of fuels, and other costs of operation, repair, and maintenance. Moreover, the power system management and control have been restructured during the last decade to improve the efficiency and reliability of the systems.

Remarkable international scientific and research activities are dedicated to reform and change the previous classical methods for management and control of restructured power systems.

For developing countries it is necessary to centralize the scientific efforts and also the facilities to avoid the loss of investment through conflict of interests in development of restructured power systems.








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