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                                        Communication Circuit Lab

                                                                  Sharif University of Technology         School of Electrical Engineering



          Communication Circuits Lab (25-102)

                            Credit: 1  

                            Co-requisite: Communication Circuits (25-148)


                            Typically offered:  Fall, Spring & Summer

                            Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Fereydoon Behnia

                             Lab Resposible: Mr. Farhad  Yahyazadeh


                            Semester: Spring 2004  

                            Hours: 1 p.m - 4 p.m


      o     Mondays: (TA: Sajad Jahanbakht)

      o          Tuesdays:(TA: Aydin Behnad)

      o     Saturdays:(TA: Hamed Pirsiavash)






In each group of communication circuits lab, students  are divided in maximum 3  members subgroups  and each subgroup should carry out  a defined  project during the semester. The subject of project can be  proposed  by students and approved by TA or chosen  from  suggested projects.




                     The lab has 4 stations and equipped with :

                                     Oscilloscope  (each station)

                                      RF Signal Generator (each station)

                                    DC Power Supply  (each station)

                                    Frequency Synthesizer (common)

                                      Spectrum Analyzer  (common)




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