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Lecture notes

Lecture Note #1 : Communication Systems

Lecture Note #2 (pdf) (Power Point) : Transmission Lines

Lecture Note #3 (pdf) (Power Point) : S-parameters

Lecture Note #4 (pdf) (Power Point) : Smith Chart

Lecture Note #5 : Introduction to Network Analyzer

Lecture Note #6 (Previous Term) (Highly Improved by Ramina Ghods) : Stability Constant Gain, Noise Figure Circles

Lecture Note #7 : Office Hours Questions and Answers-series1

Lecture Note #8 : Office Hours Questions and Answers-series2

Lecture Note #9 : Modified Bessel Function(Clarke & Hess book)

Lecture Note #10 : FM DMOD & PLL



Smith-Chart Software

Workbook Software for "RF Design Guide: Systems, Circuits and Equations"



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Ebook: Microwave and RF Design of Wireless Systems, M. Pzr

Ebook: Microwave Transistor Amplifiers Analysis and Design, Gnzlz

Additional Supporting Slides: RFIC Graduate Class Prerequisite Slides


Data Sheets:

   #1: MC1415170-2       #2: AN1994       #3: MC3361B        #4: AN93016        #5: SA604A