Sarah Ershadi Nasab

PhD Candidate

  Electrical Engineering Department. Sharif University of Technology. Tehran, Iran.


1. General Info

 My name is Sarah Ershadi Nasab. I was born and grew up in   Mashhad. Iran.

2. Education

 I am  currently a PhD candidate in Sharif University of Technology. Tehran. Iran.


I am a PhD student in Sharif University of Technology. Tehran. Iran. My supervisors are  Dr E.Sanaei , Prof Shohre kasaei.

Electrical Engineering Department .Artificial Intelligence .

thesis title  : 3D Reconstruction of Human Pose in Multi view Dynamic Scenes




Amirkabir University of Technology. Tehran. Iran.

Electrical Engineering Department .System Communication . My supervisor was Dr H.Aghaeinia.

thesis title : improvement the way of Hidden messages in digital images


Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.

Electrical Engineering Department. System Communication . Iran. My supervisor was Ali Peyravi.

thesis title : Simulation of the LDPC code in Matlab environment and simulation of decoder on FPGA in Xilinx with the VHDL language

3.Research Interests

I joined the Image Processing Lab  in September 2012 and I have been a member since then.

Deep Learning and its application in human pose estimation.

Computer Vision.

Machine Learning.



[1] Sara Ershadi Nasab, Hassan Hafez Kolahi, Erfan Noury, Shohreh Kasaei, Esmaeil Sanaei.

BodyField : Structured Mean Field with Human Body Skeleton Models and Shifted Gaussian Edge Potentials.

IEEE Transaction on Image Processing (Under 2nd revision) ,2016.

[2] Sara Ershadi Nasab,Sadegh Ramezanpour, Shohreh Kasaei, Esmaeil Sanaei

An Efficient Inference in Meanfield Approximation by Adaptive Manifold Filtering,

4th International Conference on Computer and Knowledge Engineering. Submitted.(ICCKE2014)

[3] Sara Ershadi Nasab, Sadjad Fouladi, Sadegh Ramezanpour , Shohreh Kasaei , Esmaeil Sanaei .

Permutohedral lattice in 3D point cloud processing.

7 th international symposium on telecommunication. (IST 2014).

[4] Sara Ershadi Nasab, Shohreh Kasaei , Esmaeil Sanaei

RGB-D Scene Segmentation with Conditional Random Field,

6th conference of information technology and knowledge engineering. (IKT2014)

[5] Sara Ershadi Nasab , Shohreh Kasaei , Esmaeil Sanaei , Ali Ossia , Majid Mobini

Multiview 3d reconstruction and human point cloud classification,

22nd Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE 2014) .Best paper in computer section.

[6] Sara Ershadi Nasab, Hassan aghaeinia

A New Int2Int High Capacity Robust Steganography Method with LSB 1/3

and rounding method for embedding message . 19 th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering.


[7] Mana Manoochehri ,Sara Ershadi , Ali Peyravi;

A new way in implementation parallel decoder circuit of LDPC codes with use of ISE

software and the VHDL language ,18 conference of electrical engineering ,Esfahan,

Iran.ICEE 2010.

[8] Sara Ershadi Nasab .

Design A High speed and low density microprocessor with 22 instruction for AES .13 th

student conference on Electrical Engineering . Tarbiat Moddaress university .ISCEE2010


5- Contact Info

In case of any question, you can send emails to the email address at the top of this page.

 Here is my Github profile.