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zzy Set and Fuzzy Systems - Spring 2009


Final Take-home (pdf)


Fuzzy course e-mail:

fuzzy@ee.sharif .edu


A nice Fuzzy e-book:

Intro. To Fuzzy using MATLAB (4shared download link):




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Bachz’ Presentations:

1)      Sugeno-Yasukava (zip)

2)      ID3 & Fuzzy ID3 (pptx)

3)      Chaos and Fuzzy (pptx)

4)      Theory of Evidence (pptx)

5)      Takagi-Sugeno (rar)


Course Information


Saeed Bagheri Shouraki

Dr BAgheri.JPGOffice address/phone

Electrical Eng. Department , room 213.

021 66164360


Course description : Persian (pdf)

Required/recommended texts:

·         Fuzzy set and Fuzzy logic (Theory and application), G.J Klir/B. Yoan → (Rapidshare download link)

·         Fuzzy set and application , R.R. Yager, H.T. Nguyen.

·         Fuzzy Set theory and it's applications, H.J. Zimmerman

·         Ussing Fuzzy logic, J.Yan,M.Ryan

·         Introduction To Fuzzy Arithmetic, A. Kaufman.

·         Fuzzy Modelling and Control, H.T. neguyen.

·         A Mathematical Theory of Evidence, G. Shafer.

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Course Notes

Fuzzy Set And Fuzzy Logic : 85-86 Fall, 86-87 Fall, 86-87 Spring


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