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Analog Circuit Design

Operational amplifiers, as the heart of analog circuits, have been a continuous point of interest in ISDL. Our research not only includes new topologies for high-performance opamps but also automatic design and optimization of conventional opamps. We have also been active in the design of both continuous time and sampled data filters. Active-RC filters because of their superior linearity in low-voltage applications has been thoroughly studied. Current-mode signal processing has been a recent research topic in ISDL. New switched-current circuits, current-mode filters has been implemented on silicon and a new family of sampled data filters has been recently introduced.

Analog-to-Digital Converters

A/D converter as the bridge between analog and digital domains is a vital component for modern electronic systems. Traditionally, the focus of our research has been on high-speed A/D converters. New methods for improving the performance of Folding/Interpolating converters and pipelined ADC's has been developed in our LAB. Recently low-voltage high-resolution ADC's such as successive approximation and delta-sigma converters has been investigated as well.

RF Integrated Circuits

ISDL has been active in the design of the CMOS RF integrated circuits. Our study on voltage controlled oscillator, low-noise amplifier, Mixer, etc has evolved into new circuits and new design algorithms for RF building blocks.