SUT25743 | Lectures Notes

                                                                                                                              Fall 90-91

Supplementary Notes

Dr.Tabande's Book:

 Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 8

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 11 and 13

Other Resources:


Verilog Golden Reference

Verilog Syntax

Verilog TClass Material

Verilog Tutorial (Farsi-By Saeed Safari - Tehran University)

 Quartus II Tutorial Clip 1

Design with Quartus II

Verilog for Simulation and Synthesis

WinCUPL Reference

Lab Supplementary Notes
Proteus Guide

Quartus (By Siavash Kananian)

Vending Machine Help I (By Siavash Kananian)

Vending Machine Help II (By Siavash Kananian)

Useful Notes

Hill and Peterson Chapter 14 

- Farsi Translation by Dr.Ahmad Sadeghi Yazdankhah

Algorithmic State Machines

Registers and Counters

Datasheets for parts used in lab


*This errata belongs to the main reference of the course written by Dr.M.Tabandeh, however due to large number of typographical errors, this book is not advised by the writer. The revised version will be available soon.

** Contains a couple examples on this file from the main reference mentioned above. 


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