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Sharif University of Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering

Magnetic Microwave





Course information:

Instructor: B. Rejaei

Time & Location: Sunday/Tuesday 15:00-16:30, Bargh 9

Course material:




Lecture 1: Microwave Magnetics_1.pdf

Lecture 2: Microwave Magnetics_2.pdf

Lecture 3: Microwave Magnetics_3.pdf

Lecture 4: Microwave Magnetics_4.pdf

Lecture 5: Microwave Magnetics_5.pdf

Lecture 6: Microwave Magnetics_6.pdf

Lecture 7: Microwave Magnetics_7.pdf

Lecture 8: Microwave Magnetics_8.pdf

Lecture 9: Microwave Magnetics_9.pdf

Lecture 10: Microwave Magnetics_10.pdf

Lecture 11: Microwave Magnetics_11.pdf









Homework assignments:

HW1: Mwmagnetics_HW1.pdf

HW2: Mwmagnetics_HW2.pdf (Return date: Sunday, Farvardin 29)

HW3: Mwmagnetics_HW3.pdf (Return date: Sunday, Ordibehesht 12)

HW4: Mwmagnetics_HW4.pdf (Return date: Sunday, Khordad 2)


Old homework assignments and exams: