OverMelon - Overlay Simulator
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Left Border OverMelon models behavior of network in application layer and establishes necessary foundations to run an overlay protocol.
OverMelon is composed of two parts:
    1. Engine
    2. Supervisor

Engine models network behavior. It has necessary elements to specify nodes and links in network. Features necessary in a specific application can be added to the definitions of nodes and links in engine. It uses a timeline with resolution of milisecond to handle reference time ticks and has a sequencer to process nodes with maximum speed of processing one time in a milisecond.

Supervisor a an application with friendly user interface over the engine to utilize the facilities provided by the engine. Application layer of the running protocol could be implemented as a part of supervisor.

Overmelon records a log of behavior of network. It can also save log in a MySQL database. Moreover Each node can record its demanding information in the log database. The recorded log could be used to analyze behavior of implemented protocol.

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