OverMelon - Overlay Simulator
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Left Border Overmelon is a network simulator framework developed in C#. It is an overlay platform so that it provides an environment to run application layer protocols on it.

The framework is developed by Sahand Hamzei in Sharif University of Technology under the supervision of Mohammadreza Pakravan. It was developed as MS Thesis program.

OverMelon models behavior of network in application layer and establishes necessary foundations to run an overlay protocol. OverMelon is composed of two parts:
    1. Engine
    2. Supervisor

Engine models network behavior. It has necessary elements to specify nodes and links in network. Features necessary in a specific application can be added to the definitions of nodes and links in engine. It uses a timeline with resolution of milisecond to handle reference time ticks and has a sequencer to process nodes with maximum speed of processing one time in a milisecond.

Supervisor is an application with friendly user interface over the engine to utilize the facilities provided by the engine. Application layer of the running protocol could be implemented as a part of supervisor.
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