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About This Course

This course familiarizes students with study of crystals, Quantum Physics, and solid state physics of semiconductor elements and devices. The main focus of the course is on PN junctions.


Top: schematic of a 2-D crystal showing a regular lattice of atomic oribitals. Bottom: the calculated electronic bandstructure as a function of the electron's crystal momentum (k). The core skills taught in this class will be to think of electron transport in k-space and to calculate the bandstructure as shown here. (Image by Rajeev Ram.)






Prof. Sina Khorasani



Teacher Assistants:

Saman Saeedi

Hasan Shapourian


Problem Solving Class:

Wednesdays 12:10 to 13:10




[1388.7.23]  Assignment1 is posted

[1388.7.24]  Mathematica Code of The Tunneling Problem

written by Mr. Aryan Hazeghi

[1388.7.27]  The first session of Problem solving class will be held this Wednesday

[1388.7.30] Assignment2 is posted

[1388.8.14] Intel turns to photonics to extend Moore's law

[1388.8.15] Physicists Calculate Number of Parallel Universes

[1388.8.15] Assignment3 is posted

[1388.8.20] Lecture Note of "Silicon Technology" is posted

[1388.8.30] Sample problems for midterm are posted

(In Homework section)

[1388.8.30]  Solution Manual for Streetman's Book

[1388.8.30] Homework and Quiz1 grades are posted

[1388.9.8] Assignment4 is posted

[1388.10.1] Assignment5 is posted

[1388.10.1] Some extra problems about MOSFET are posted