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Course Description

This course familiarizes students with study of differential amplifiers, feedback and power amplifier schemes. The main focus of the course is on low frequency discrete analog design. These skills will be completed in Analog Electronics.


Course General Information

Course type: Lecture

Required or Elective: Required



   Dr. Zahra Kavehvash                                 Dr. Mehrdad Sharif Bakhtiar                     Dr. Mohammad Fakharzadeh

  Lectures: Sun.-Tues. 07:30-09:00                  Lectures: Sun.-Tues. 09:00-10:30                Lectures: Sun.-Tues. 07:30-09:30

  Office: 6th Floor - #610 East                         Office: 2nd Floor - #311 West                     Office: 5th floor - #516 East

  Email:                     Email:                        Email:

  Phone: 6616-5927                                     Phone: 6616 - 4342                               Phone: 6616-5924


Lecture: 3 hrs/week. Meets two times weekly.

TA Classes:

Prerequisite: EE271 (Analog Circuits)

Final Exam: 23th-Day-1394 15:00