Abu-Reihan Computer Videos:

Abu-Reihan processor is an 8-bit processor which  has  been specifically  designed  and  build using basic logic  ICs  to  allow students of the first course in computer architecture familiarize with hardware and software of a real CPU. We have also created a graphical simulator for this processor which allows students to analyze CPU operation in 3 different modes;single-step,T-cycle and  breakpoint. To  make  this  project  more  effective,  we have  also  prepared  a  special   board  and  a  monitor  program ,running  on  the  hardware, that  students  can   use   to  watch  how  CPU registers,flags and memory are affected by executing differnt  instruction  on  Abu-Reihan  computer  hardware. ( This  project  was  conducted by Mohammadamin Ajdari under the supervision of Prof. M. Tabandeh)

Abu-Reihan Computer Hardware (Fa Ver.)

Abu-Reihan Special Board With LCD & Keypad (Fa Ver.)

Abu-Reihan Monitor Program (Fa Ver.)

A few Points About Abu-Reihan Monitor Program Usage (Fa Ver.)