Sharif University of Technology

Research Presentation

Here is the list of slides and papers that are going to be talked about in the class.

This set of slides opens the class and motivates the students about what is going to be offered in this course.

The student learn how to the research itself. The process of thinking and innovating in a few simple words.

Type a description of the project, client, or activity. Change the picture to one of your own, such as a picture of the project.

Paper writing skills in a short 1hr class.

In this lecture, the student learn how to do a hierarchical literature survey and the methodology of organizing what they gather to home down to a fundamental result: “The Problem Statement”

How to write a good paper (1) and (2)

Slides and Resources


Presentation skills are explained here.

Additional slides

Your career road map. The slides is prepared by Mr. Shahin Haghi. He has two lectures to present the options and decisions ahead of the students after graduation.

· Example of A Review Paper

· Examples of two papers for writing analysis: Paper1, Paper2

· A paper on how to write a good paper

· The writing Tutor (By Oxford)

· A paper on how to present a paper

· Speech that you need to work on

· The infamous Writing Style Manual

· Check the calendar for presentation schedule