Simulation of Communication Systems, 25178


General Description

25178 is a 3-unit EE graduate course, focused on the applications of computer simulation techniques in communication system design, evaluation, parameter estimation, software implementation and so on. Various simulation techniques will be discussed in this regard, along with solutions to common related problems. The course ends with presenting some real-world simulation examples. Communication systems and Probability theory knowledge are necessary for the students.


Instructor: Iman Gholampour


Text Books:

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10) Selected papers


Course Notes:


Course Notes Part 1     Some Examples: Numerical issues in MATLAB

Course Notes Part 2

Course Notes Part 3

Course Notes Part 4     Simulink Example 0     Simulink Example 1

Course Notes Part 5     Mex and Nested Functions    MexExamples     PLLSimulinkExamples

Course Notes Part 6     TimeSeriesSimulinkExample

Course Notes Part 7     Simulink Example 2

Course Notes Part 8    SelfSynchronizationScramblerExample

Course Notes Part 9    Simulink Example 3

Course Notes Part 10

Course Notes Part 11

Course Notes Part 12