Website of Epileptic Seiure Prediction Group
Sharif University of Technology

About the project


Improving the quality of life of people suffernig from epilepsy.


Improvement in the DSP algorithms used for predicting seizure.


Some of the main ojectives of the project are:

  • Forming a team of researchers in both fields of neurology and signal processing to study the signals (mostly EEG signals) with considering the physiological characteristics of them.
  • Introduction of qualitative features of signals which can be used to recognize precursors and classification of current methods of seizure prediction based on the features used in them.
  • Introduction of quantitative measures in order to quantify the introduced qualitative features and evaluating their effecacy and efficiency by internationally accepted evaluation criteria.

About one percent of the world's population are suffering from epilepsy. Predicting the seizure onset times in these patients, is the first step to improve their quality of life.

In this project, we try to use Signal Processing methods to detect the precursors of epileptic seizures ...