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Funding Awards


2019- now: Nirou Research Institute, Design and implementation of real-time simulator for power electronic lab and first phase of design, development and testing lab for power electronic equipment, Investigator

2017 - 18 : Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Corporation (IRIB). Research, investigation qnd design of Photovoltaic system for supplying a TV transmitter station with technical and economical analysis, Investigator

2016 - 18 : Iran Energy Efficiency Organization (IEEO-SABA), Technical and financial investigation on using super-capacitors as the moving storage system for loss minimization using regenerative braking in subway trains, Investigator

2015 - 2016 : Iran National Science Foundation, Design and Implementation of an FPGA-Based Real-Time Digital Simulator for Power Electronic Converters, Investigator

2015 - 2016 : BidBoland Gas Refinery Co., investigating the possibility of energy consumption optimization for 3.3kV high power motor of cooling pumps and proposing suitable methods for energy saving, Investigator

2013 - 2014 : Guilan Province Electric Power Distribution Co., Potential Evaluation of Using Solar and Wind Energy for Electricity Generation in Guilan, Investigator

2006-2007 : Kharg Petrochemical Company, Investigating the grounding system, Power quality and the UPS as the origin of the Electronic card failure in the Compressor Control room, Investigator

2006-2007 : Iranian Industries Development and Renovation organization, Design and implementation of a 6 kW high efficiency power supply, Investigator

2003-2005 : National Science Foundation through Center for Power Electronics Center, Investigation on Thermal Based Load Sharing of Parallel Converters. Co-Investigator

2003-2005 : National Science Foundation through Center for Power Electronics research center, Investigation on Digital Control for Power Electronic Converters. Co-Investigator

2003-2005 : Tehran Subway (Metro) CO. Industrial Project, Design and implementation of Static Inverter instead of electromechanical auxiliary generator for Tehran subway locomotives, Principal Investigator

2001-2003 : Iranian national Steel Mill Co. Industrial project Investigating the origin of destructive arcs in the cooling system of Ahvaz steel mill arc furnaces and proposing practical solutions to reduce the arcs, Co-Investigator


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