Other Journal papers

A Simplified Approach to Two-Port Analysis in Feedback


Zahra Kavehvash, Morteza Fayazi, Ali Fotowat

Ultra Low-Power System for Remote ECG Monitoring


Ali Fotowat , Zohreh Azizi, Rozhan Rabbani, Ehsan Hadizadeh

Optimum design of high power and high efficiency mm-wave fundamental oscillators, International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications


Hossein Shirinabadi, Milad Kalantari, Ali Fotowat-Ahmady, Ali Banai

International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications 46(10),DOI:10.1002/cta.2503,

A comprehensive survey on UHF RFID rectifiers and investigating the effect of device threshold voltage on the rectifier performance


Maryam Gharaei Jomehei, Samad Sheikhaei, Ali Fotowat-Ahmady, Behjat Forouzandeh

Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing 96(10)DOI:10.1007/s10470-018-1208-3, Springer

Design of a reconfigurable front‐end for a multistandard receiver for the frequency range of 800 MHz to 2.5 GHz


G Zare Fatin, Ziaddin Daei Koozehkanani, Ali Fotowat-Ahmady, Jafar Sobhi, Ronan Farrell

International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications 46(5)DOI:10.1002/cta.2476

Quadrature LC tank digitally controlled ring oscillator


Massoud Tohidian, Robert Bogdan Staszewski, Ali Fotowat Ahmady,Seyed Amir Reza Ahmadi Mehr, Mahmoud Kamarei, Fabien Ndagijimana

A comprehensive survey on UHF RFID rectifiers and investigating the effect of device threshold voltage on the rectifier performance.


Jomehei, M. G., Sheikhaei, S., Fotowat-Ahmady, A., & Forouzandeh, B. (2018)

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Design of a reconfigurable front-end for a multistandard receiver for the frequency range of 800 MHz to 2.5 GHz.


Zare Fatin, G., Koozehkanani, Z. D., Fotowat-Ahmady, A., Sobhi, J., & Farrell, R.

International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications.

A fully analog side-band cancellation technique in radio-frequency transmitters.


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I/Q mismatch calibration of a transmitter using local quadrature oscillator


Fatin, Gholamreza Zare, Mostafa Savadi Osgooei, and Ali Fotowat-Ahmady

Microelectronics Journal 55 (2016): 82-91

A fully analog calibration technique for phase and gainmismatches in image-reject receivers


Nikoofard, Ali, Siavash Kananian, and Ali Fotowat-Ahmady.

AEU-International Journal of Electronics and Communications 69.5(2015): 823-835.

A New IR-UWB Pulse for the Compatibility of IEEE 802.11a WLAN and IR-UWB Systems


V.Mirmoghtadayi, A.Fotowat-Ahmady, A.Zeidabadinejad, A.Serdijin

Journal of Circuits, systems, and Computers, Volume 23, Issue 2, February 2014

Coplanar waveguide-FED planar spiral antenna with integrated impedance transformer


Zeynab Vahidpoor, Keyvan Forooraghi, Ali Fotowat-Ahmady, Zahra Atlasbaf

Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, USA, 2013.

Fast adjustable spectrum sensing circuit for cognitive radio applications


Z.Vahidpoor, K. Forooraghi, A.Fotowat-Ahmady, Z. Atlasbaf

International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications, USA, 2012.

A dual mode UHF EPC Gen 2 RFID tag in 0.18μm CMOS


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Low-noise differential transimpedance amplifier structure based on capacitor cross-coupled gm-boosting scheme


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Gm-boosted differential transimpedance amplifier architecture


Jalali, M, Moravvej, Nabavi, FotowatAhmady

, IEICE Electronics Express, 2007. 4(16): p. 498-503, Express, 2007. 4(16): p. 498-503

Other Conference papers

A New Spectrum Sensing Circuit for Cognitive Radio Applications


Vahidpoor, Z, Forooraghi, K, Atlasbaf, Z, FotowatAhmadi, A

Computational Intelligence, Modelling and Simulation (CIMSiM), 2011 Third International Conference on, Langkawi, Malaysia,

A new low phase noise LC-tank CMOS cascode Cross-coupled oscillator


Teymouri, H, Fotowat-Amady, A, Nabavi, A,

18th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE), Tehran, Iran, 2010.

Design of a low power digital core for a Dual mode UHF EPC RFID tagr


VahidRoostaie, ValiNajafi, SiamakMohammadi, Ali Fotowat-Ahmady

EWDTS, Yerevan, Armenia, Sep. 7-10 2007.

Nonlinearity analysis in ISD CMOS LNA's Using Volterra series. in Proceedings of the ACM Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI


Koolivand, Y, Shoaie, Fotowat, Zahabi, Jabbedar

GLSVLSI. Philadelphia, PA. 2006

Signaling Task and Architecture Partitioning in Implementing a Prototype DECT WLL System


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International Symposium on Telecommunications, Tehran, Iran, Sep. 2001.

A 1V 450mW Fully Integrated Bandpass Filter for Pager Applications


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Performance Evaluator for an ADSL System


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Design of a low IF receiver based on integrated filters


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Level-locked-loop, a new technique for broad band quadrature signal generation


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Nonlinear analysis and prediction of noise figures of cellular phone mixers


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Systematic analysis and design of RF synthesizer IC's


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Design of a transmitter-receiver IF IC with clock and carrier recovery for cellular telephones


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Proceedings of ICEE 95, pp.295-304, May 15-18 1995

Parametric device analysis for the design of power transistors


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Proceedings of ICEE 95, May 15-18 1995.

RF transmission, and micropower filtering integrated circuits for implantable ultrasonic blood flow telemetry



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Circuits for Wide-band FM demodulation


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System and hardware design considerations for Mobile phone-sets


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Audio processing for cellular radio or high performance transceivers


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Gilbert-type vs. Diode Mixers, Proceedings of the RF Technology Expo.


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Methods of animal experimentation


Contributor to the following book: W.I. Gay, J.E. Heavner (Editors)

Vol 7, Part A, Academic press, 1986. (Sections on Outward telemetrylinks, pp. 88-90, and Blood flow measurement pp.74-76).

RF attenuation of an implantable transmitter signal


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