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Optical Communications: Integrated Circuits, Systems and Devices

Fall 2014

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A dual 10 Gigabit/s optical transceiver with integrated electro-optical signal conditioning, clock and data recovery, control and calibration circuitry


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About this course

Did you know that in 20 years your EE students will be calling themselves EPE (Electro Photonic Engineers)? It now appears that 10Gb/Sec is the magic number where we have to truly leave things to light even for small distances like a few meters. May be this number will move up a bit in the next 10 years but do not expect an order of magnitude.


On the other hand in the light domain 1550 nm dispersion shifter fiber, Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFA), Dense Wave Length Division Multiplex (DWDM) are opening up the possibility of 20-30 GHz BW in a single fiber that should change our lifestyle in dramatic ways.


Needless to say that my professors 30 years ago were expecting big changes... and the changes did happen. Now we have internet, we can talk halfway across the earth with minimal cost and little delay compared to satellites. In our next 30 years we will have multiple video screens on the wall of our rooms where we live virtually in full contact with our relatives, bosses, and students!!


In this decade we need to still be in transition. That is why we spend 30% of the class on the models an electronics circuit design engineer needs to know on optical devices where we deal with photons. Then we spend 10% on the network design and traffic issues and the remaining 60% of the class will focus on TIA, Post Amp, Laser driver, Clock and Data Recovery circuits and SerDes where we deal with electrons.



Dr. Ali Fotowat Ahmady



Milad Kalantari

Ali Ahmadikia





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