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Fall 2019:
Networked control systems: Course syllabous: Measurement and control over the Internet (IoT) and wireless communication link (tele-operation); 
Mid-term: Azar the third, 13:30 - 15
Linear control and Lab. Course syllabous
Mid-term: Azar the third, 10:30 - 12, Alef-3
HW1  SolHW1  HW2
Lab project Miz6
Moden control Lab. Lab. manual
Maxon OP07

Winter 2019: Stochastic control, linear control systems

Fall 2018: Linear control and Lab., Modern control Lab.

Winter 2018: Linear control systems+lab., Stochastic control, Modern control Lab.

Fall 2017: Linear control systems+lab.

Winter 2017: Stochastic control, Linear algebra

Fall 2016: Nonlinear control, Linear control systems and Lab.

Winter 2016: Networked control systems
, Linear systems and Lab.

Fall 2015: Modern control Engineering, Optimal control

Winter 2015: Stochastic control, Linear control system and Lab.

Fall 2014:Networked control systems, Linear control system and Lab. 

Winter 2014: Stochastic control,  
Linear control+Lab., Linear algebra

Fall 2013: Optimal control, linear control and Lab.

Iran, Tehran, Sharif University of Technologu