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Vakilian, Mehdi 

Professor in Electrical Power and Energy systems

Areas of interest: Power Systems

Email: vakilian@sharif.edu

Phone: +98(21)6616 - 5941

Facsimile: +98 (21) 6602 3261

Room: 6th Floor - 625 East

Insulation and Partial Discharge Laboratory


B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, The Sharif University of Technology, 1978


M.Sc. in Electrical Power Engineering, The Sharif University of Technology, 1986


Ph.D. (Electric Power Engineering) Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY, 1993

Awards and Honours


Member of Managing Assembly of Iran Power Transformer Research Institute, 2001-2008


Fellowship, School of Electrical Engineering & Tel., University of New South Wales 2008 (July –December)


Fellowship, School of Electrical Engineering & Tel., University of New South Wales 2003-2004


Sharif University Industry  Relation Award ,  1999

  Professional Fellowship, School of Electrical Engineering and Tel., University of New South Wales, Dec 2010 to January 2013.

Member of a Think Tank established in Iran-Transfo Company      2013-2015

  Senior Member of IEEE, Feb. 2015

Recognized as a Reviewer of IEEE Transactions in Power Delivery Journal, for the 9th time, Feb. 2023




Scientific Secretary and Organizer of 4th Partial Discharge Conference, 26-27 February 2013 (PDC2013)


Head of Design Review team for 765 kV Assalouyeh – Esfahan Transmission Line


Member of the Engineering Council of Iran’s Academy of Sciences, Jan. 2016. to 2018.


Member of TAVANIR Co. Research Council, 2015-2019


Member of IGMC Directorate, 2015 to 2021

  Member of IGMC Co. Research Council , 2018-2021

Membership of Professional Societies and Reviewer of Related Journals and Standards

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers   (1995)


Iranian Institute of Electrical Engineers


Iranian IEEE-Cigre Insulation Study Committee


Member of PES (Power Engineering Society) - IEEE   2011-2012


Member of PES  change it to - Member of IEEE   Society   1988-1997, and 2011-2014


Reviewer of  IEEE Transactions (on Power Delivery, 2015-2023 )


Reviewer of ETEP journal of European Transaction


Reviewer of ICPADM 2015 Conference


Reviewer of ICEE 2015 Conference


Reviewer of IET Journal, 2014-2023


Senior Member of IEEE   Society   (1988-1997 Member), and 2011-2023


Member of Iranian IEC TC 17 and as a delegation of Iranian National Committee of IEC Presented a Proposal for New Standard named: CEASTS under SC 17 in TC 17/SC 17C, 2017 (5th of April) in Frankfurt, Germany.


Member of CIGRE Transformer Working Group 2020-2021


Member of the working group developed IEEE Guide on the Selection of Transmission and Distribution Insulators with Respect to Cold Weather Conditions: IEEE 1820-2020 Standard, Published on March 2021.


Reviewer of Draft of IEEE standard for Insulators in Cold weather condition, March 2019


Introduced as convenor for IEC TC 17 in 2018, by INEC.

  Reviewer for INSF (Iran National Science Foundation), 2019-2023
  Reviewer for Elsevier Reliability Journal, 2020
  Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrification, 2019-2023
  Reviewer for IEEE SYSTEMS Journal, 2023
  Reviewer of international transactions on ELECTRICAL ENERGY SYSTEMS, 2019
  Reviewer of IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, 2016-2023
  Reviewer of Springer Journal – Electrical Engineering, 2019-2020
  Reviewer of Electric Power Components and Systems Journal, 2015-2023


Manager of Transmission Network Operation Department 1981-1983,  Tavanir


Director of Transmission & Distribution education planning department, 1984-1985, Iranian Ministry of Energy


The Sharif University of Technology,  Assistant Professor, 1993-2000


The Sharif University of Technology, Director of Electric Power Group, 1996-2000


The Sharif University of Technology, Associate Professor, 2001-2006


The Sharif University of Technology, Professor, 2007-2023


Director of Restructuring Educational Program  Committee, 2004-2019

  Director of Energy System (Electric Power) Group, 2010-2014

Head of Research Center for Management and Control of Power Systems   2009-2023


Head of Electrical Engineering Department   2001-2003 and  2014-2018


Visiting Professor at School of Electrical Engineering and Tel., University of New South Wales. July 2018 to 2019


Director of Center of Excellence in Power System Management and Control, August 2019 to now


Director of Center of Innovation in Electrical Energy Systems, established on March 2023

Research Interests

For detailed descriptions, see Insulation and Partial Discharge Laboratory


Transient Modeling of Power System Equipments  


Optimum Design of High Voltage Equipments Insulation  


Insulation Monitoring,  Partial Discharge Propagation and Measurement


Optimum Design of Power System Insulation


Transients in Power System


Upgrading Power System Operation


Efficient Transformer Design and Modeling

  Circuit Breaker Design and Testing, and Arc Modeling

Distribution Network Optimum Design, Operation, and Automation


Power System Equipments Protection

Professional Interests and Industrial Consulting

Manufacturing and Design of Efficient Distribution Transformers

  Development of Energy Efficient Distribution Transformer for  Iran
  Right of Way for Over Head Transmission and Distribution Lines as well as Underground Lines
  Distribution Network Reconfiguration for its Loss Mitigation and Reliability Enhancement


Design of Compact and Modern EHV and UHV Transmission Lines


Power Transformer Life Management


Power Equipment Asset Management


Protective Numerical Relays Design


Distribution Transformer Design Software


Protective Numerical Relays Design


3D Wound Core Distribution Transformer Design Software


Required Method for Optimum Selection of Rating and Efficiency of Distribution Transformer


Automation and Protection of Distribution Networks


Standard for Compact Sub-Transmission Substation Design


Design of HVDC Solar Cable


Design of Vacuum Interrupter


Protection of CVT against Ferroresonance


Electricity Distribution Network Resiliency


Cold and contaminated environment insulation design


Power Transformer Real Time Partial Discharge Monitoring


High Voltage Cable Real Time Partial Discharge Monitoring

  GIS busbar Real Time Partial Discharge Monitoring
  Sub-transmission Dry Type Power Transformer Design
  Power System Insulation Coordination