Research Interests:

His current research interests include Information Theory and Cryptography, in particular;

·         Information Theory:

o   Network Information Theory: Relay, Broadcast, Multiple Access, Interference, Cognitive Radio

o   Side Information effects on various channels and networks


·         Cryptology:

o   Ad-hoc Network Security

o   Stream Cipher Cryptanalysis

o   Block Cipher Cryptanalysis

o   Secret Sharing Scheme Design

o   Network Coding Security

o   Information-theoretic Secrecy


·         Graduate Courses:

o   Estimation Theory

o   Information Theory

o   Cryptography

o   Spread Spectrum Communication Systems

Research LAB:

Information Systems and Security Lab (ISSL) is an advanced research laboratory at Electrical Eng. Department of Sharif University of Technology. The main goal of ISSL is to perform high-tech projects and researches related to information theory, network coding and security.


Current Graduate Students:


This section contains contact information for all of my present Researchers/Students. From here you can send e-mail to them, or visit their personal home pages.

ISSL, Electrical Eng. Department, Sharif University of Technology.

·         Postdoctoral Researchers:      

o   Masoumeh Koochak Shooshtari

o   Sadegh Sadeghi


·         PhD Students:

o   Amir Hossein Hadavi

o   Mohammad Ali Jamshidi

o   Narges Kazempour

o   Mitra Kazemi


·         MS Students:

o   Iman Ghamami (Sharif University on Technology)

o   Javid Kianpour  (Sharif University on Technology)

o   Sajad Meysami (Sharif University on Technology)

o   Omid Mirzamohammadi (Sharif University on Technology)

o   Ali Mohammad Norouzzadeh (Islamic Azad University, North Tehran Branch)

o   Seyed Mohammad Nourani Boosjin (Sharif University on Technology)

o   Mahdi Rahimi (Sharif University on Technology)